Software Release Cycle

See a complete history of Rivian’s Software Release Cycle including version number, release date, release type, and more.

Rivian has occasionally released “hotfixes” to resolve certain issues with select vehicles. Software releases labeled as “Internal Beta” means the release was only available to internal Rivian employees and not available to the general public. We do not count those releases in the days count as they are not considered major releases.

Release TypeRelease Date
2023.10 Updates
2023.10.01Public Release03/26/23
2023.10.00Internal Beta03/21/23
2023.06 Updates
2023.06.02Public Release03/02/23
2023.06.00Internal Beta03/01/23
2023.02 Updates
2023.02.03Public Release02/07/23
2023.02.00Internal Beta01/24/23
2022.47 Updates
2022.47.00Public Release12/29/22
2022.43 Updates
2022.43.02Public Release11/29/22
2022.43.00Internal Beta11/17/22
2022.39 Updates
2022.39.01Public Release10/25/22
2022.39.00Internal Beta10/22/22
2022.35 Updates
2022.35.03Public Release09/30/22
2022.31 Updates
2022.31.05Public Release09/02/22
2022.27 Updates
2022.27.02Public Release08/05/22
2022.23 Updates
2022.23.03Public Release06/30/22
2022.19 Updates
2022.19.03Public Release05/27/22
2022.15 Updates
2022.15.00Public Release05/02/22
2022.11 Updates
2022.11.02Public Release04/06/22
2022.07 Updates
2022.07.00Public Release03/05/22
2022.03 Updates
2022.03.01Public Release02/04/22
2021.49 Updates
2021.49.02Public Release01/03/22
2021.45 Updates
2021.45.01Public Release