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This page shows every update released by Rivian where the Rivian Mobile App was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


With Rivian mobile app 2.2.0, you can now select a drive mode under Trip Preferences in the “Plan a trip” screen,. When you plan a trip, selecting a drive mode calculates the necessary charging stops and ranges for that mode.

With mobile app 2.2.0 or later, you will now receive a notification when the vehicle detects a 12 V battery issue.


New Rivian Mobile App version 1.15 or later features that let you:

Create trip plan previews and send them to your vehicle. Search for a destination in the Explore tab, then choose Plan.

Adjust the departure range from the current range, so it’s easier to plan ahead.


Scheduled charging is now available in the Rivian mobile app version 1.14 or later. From your mobile app’s Vehicle tab, pull up the dashboard and scroll to Charging. Then go to Manage > Schedule.


You can now adjust the vehicle charge limit in 1% increments between 50% and 100% (Custom) by dragging the slider on the battery image in either the center display or in the Rivian mobile app version 1.13 or later.

You can now customize your vehicle name by going to Settings > About in the center display or in the Rivian mobile app 1.13 or later.

Added a Service mode status in the mobile app 1.13 or later that appears when service personnel actively work on your vehicle in the Rivian Service Center.

Resolved an intermittent issue that prevented turning on the seat heater from the mobile app.


You can now open and close your liftgate with the mobile app version 1.12 and later. (R1S ONLY)

You can now release your tailgate with mobile app version 1.12 and later. (R1T ONLY)


New Door Ajar Notification – When proximity locking and unlocking are enabled, you will now be notified via the Rivian mobile app if the vehicle fails to lock due to a door or closure that is left open, and you’ve left the vicinity of the vehicle.

New Vented Seats remote command when used with the Rivian Mobile App 1.10 and later.

Addressed an issue where sending cabin preconditioning and heated surfaces remote commands from the mobile app were not successful in close proximity to the vehicle.

Improved consistency when sending multiple heated surface commands at the same time from the mobile app.


New Vehicle Controls Support with the Rivian Mobile App

With the Rivian mobile app version 1.9 or later, you have remote cabin preconditioning controls so you can remotely prepare the cabin climate for travel in cold weather:

Heat the front and second-row seats.

Heat the steering wheel.

Turn on defrost. (This option is available after you turned on the cabin climate from the Rivian mobile app.)


Fixed an issue where the vehicle didn’t automatically restart charging when the charge limit was reached then modified via Rivian mobile app version 1.8 and above


New Controls for the Rivian Mobile App

The Rivian mobile app version 1.8.0 or later enables new commands:

Enable or disable video recording in the Gear Guard security system.

Start or stop charging, as well as set a charge limit.

Fixed an inaccurate cabin temperature displayed in the Rivian mobile app when the vehicle is asleep.


Remote Cabin Preconditioning Temperature Adjustment

With the Rivian mobile app 1.7, you will be to use the mobile app to adjust the remote cabin preconditioning temperature. This allows you to select the desired cabin temperature for when you return to your vehicle.


New Vehicle Controls on the Rivian Mobile App

The Rivian mobile app version 1.5.0 or later enables new vehicle commands that allow you to remotely control the hood, vent the windows, and activate or stop the panic alarm. (If the new controls don’t automatically appear in the Rivian mobile app, we recommend that you restart the app.)