This page shows every update released by Rivian where Navigation was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.

2023.10.00, 2023.10.01

  • Tesla Supercharger Network Now Available In Navigation Charger Filters

2023.06.00, 2023.06.02

  • We’ve introduced the following new features in navigation:
    • Place search is now powered by Google Maps™
    • You can now easily switch between charger status pins on the map to preview information. Choose a charger. Then choose Start to begin a new route to that charger.
    • We’ve enhanced detection of your vehicle’s arrival at its destination. The Navigation app now ends your trip when you park your vehicle near the destination.

2022.47.00, 2022.47.02

  • In the Navigation app, you can now set your current as your Home or Work location.


  • Fixed various rare issues related to the navigation experience, that include but are not limited to:
    • Disappearing navigation cursor
    • Saved locations not able to be deleted
    • Disappearing “Recenter” button
    • App crashes

2022.39.01, 2022.39.03

  • Improved Navigation app:
    • Allows you to find chargers more easily; the app uses pins that dynamically display more information at increasing levels of zoom.
    • Shows the estimated range and charge status at the time of arrival.
    • Provides a more accurate vehicle location shown at higher speeds.
    • Includes improved navigation during loss of cellular connectivity.


  • Fixed an occasional issue in the Navigation app: The vehicle retains the satellite view while it sleeps.
  • Fixed a rare issue: The trip planner within the Navigation app is offline even though the network status indicates it is connected.


  • For the Navigation app, charge filters now persist while the audio panel appears on the center display.
  • Fixed an occasional issue when the charger filter for +100 kW in the Navigation app doesn’t work


  • Battery preconditioning strives to minimize DC fast charging time and achieving optimal charging performance by bringing the battery to ideal temperatures while navigating to a DC fast charger. Preconditioning will automatically start when using the Navigation app and routing to a DC fast charger. The system cools or heats based on battery temperature. The time spent preconditioning can vary based on the advertised power of the charger you’re navigating to, and the state of charge with which you may arrive at the DC fast charger.
  • Improved range estimation in Navigation app when routing to a destination
  • Fixed a rare issue when Navigation app would reboot when using Alexa to find directions


  • Reduced frequency of navigation reroute suggestions after initial prompt


  • Improved performance and stability of the Navigation app


  • Improved Navigation App: We enhanced navigation and usability for a more seamless experience, and the vehicle will inform you of how much time you can save if you use a suggested route that’s faster than your current route.