App Updates

Follow along with the Rivian Mobile App Updates and what new features, bug fixes, and more are associated with each release. You can download the official Rivian mobile by going to the corresponding mobile operating system you need: iOS or Android.


This app release offers more access to vehicle features–including your charging schedule and Gear Tunnel. Note that you’ll need to be updated to 2023.18 for these.

  • Set your charging schedule in the app and fine-tune timing, location and amperage.
  • Pop open your Gear Tunnel doors from afar.
  • See when a chat session is live with in-app alerts.


This app release is all about greater control of your vehicle and easier support when you need it. Your vehicle will need to be updated to 2023.14 to adjust your charging limit or see service mode.

  • Adjust your charging limit to anything between 50% and 100%.
  • Start a live chat from the Service section of the app for quick answers to all your service questions.
  • See when your vehicle is in service mode–and track appointment progress with a single tap.


Bug fixes and improvements.


This app release makes it easy to grab what you need out of the back.

  • Drop the tailgate on your R1T or open the liftgate of you R1S from afar with new controls in the app.


This app release is all about easy access to info and support when you need it.


Bug fixes and improvements.


This app release is all about cool seats, charging details and performance improvements and bug fixes. Please note that your vehicle will need to be updated to 2023.02 to enjoy vented seats.

  • Cool down your seats before your drive on hot days (or cold days if that’s your thing).
  • See your charging sessions in more detail – includes charging speed, drive mode and a live energy graph.


We’re always working to make your Rivian experience a good one. Which is why this app release includes performance improvements and a few bug fixes.


This app update puts even more control at your fingertips.

  • Set your charging limit, stop/start a session and monitor your state of charge
  • Turn Gear Guard video on or off from wherever you are
  • Track the details of your service requests and appointments


Bug fixes and improvements.


This release offers intuitive climate control, including the ability to set temperature. Plus, guidance around service appointments.

  • Adjust cabin temperature before you get in and go
  • Choose your temperature unit (Celsius/Gahrenheit)
  • Explore content that preps you for your next service appointment


This release includes a new Rivian Service dashboard and delivers more control over windows, keys and more.

  • Vent the windows, pop the hood or sound the alarm from afar
  • See all your service requests, upcoming appointments and service history in the new Rivian Service dashboard
  • Explore content that preps you for upcoming service appointments
  • Deactivate and reactivate wrist bands or key cards


Bug fixes and continued improvements.


This new release is all about improving access and ease. Plus a new feature for furry co-pilots.

  • Activate new key cards and key bands in the app
  • Assign keys to friends and family you’ve designated as Drivers
  • Leave your pets safe and comfy with the new Pet Comfort feature
  • Search the map and filter chargers by speed, network and availability
  • Explore a new profile tab that’s a home for you and your preferences


Bug fixes and improvements.


Our latest update comes with fresh fonts, new pins and summaries of new service requests. This release includes:

  • A new pin design for the charging map that shows charger speed and availability at a glance
  • The ability to see the details of the service requests you submit in the app


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


We’re making it easier for EV owners to explore the world responsibly. This release includes:

  • Map view for finding chargers wherever you want to go
  • Access to Rivian Waypoints – any EV owner can download the app to charge with our network
  • Performance improvements and fixes


Bug fixes and improvements.


This release includes charging updates, as well as general improvements and bug fixes.

  • Now you can discover more charging stations within the app. We’ve also improved instructions for chargers that need to be unlocked before you start your session.


App optimizations and bug fixes.


This release includes a few new features, new notifications and the usual general improvements and bug fixes.

  • See when a new vehicle software update is available, start it from the app and watch update progress from afar.
  • When preconditioning you can check cabin temperature before you get in–and cool it down or warm it up remotely.
  • Can’t remember where you parked? Use this new feature to send directions to your favorite navigation service.
  • We’ll keep you informed while you’re charging your vehicle and Gear Guard will let you know when alerts are triggered.


General UX improvements.


General UX improvements.


Initial release