Key Fob

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Key Fob was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


  • Improved range loss when a phone key is near the vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Improved phone key and key fob proximity unlocking consistency.
  • Added a text label to state your key fob’s battery level inside of Settings > Drivers and Keys. The indicator text will appear when the battery level is medium or low only.
  • Hotspot Improvements


  • Improved the reliability of the key fob software update. If the key fob update previously failed, you can try the update again without contacting Rivian Service; go to Settings > Vehicle > Updates.
  • New Proximity Locking and Unlocking via Key Fob
    • Proximity locking and unlocking is now available via your key fob. To turn on his feature, go to Settings > Vehicle > Access. Also, if the battery level of the key fob is low, a notification appears on the driver display, and you can see a low battery indicator when you go to Settings > Drivers and Keys.
    • We’ve also improved proximity locking experience for both phones and key fob: locking is more consistent, and we’ve decreased the number of unintended locking occurrences.


  • Key Fob Software Update
    • The new key fob firmware improves connection reliability and latency for faster locking and unlocking. It also improves battery life performance compared to very early versions of the firmware. If your key fob has an update available, your vehicle will notify you on the center display. You can also go to Settings Vehicle Updates.
    • IMPORTANT: When updating your key fob software, we recommend that you have your phone set up as a key or have a spare key, such as a near-field communication (NFC) card as a backup.


  • Improved responsiveness and reliability of key card taps and key fob button presses when the vehicle is asleep.


  • Reduced fan cooling noise when you approach the vehicle with passive entry, or manually unlock with key fob, and cabin comfort starts up