Highway Assist

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Highway Assist was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.

2023.10.00, 2023.10.01

  • Highway Assist has been improved to reduce the frequency of hands-on warnings when Highway Assist is active in stop-and-go traffic scenarios. You still must remain attentive and should be prepared to take control of the vehicle at any time while Highway Assist is engaged. For more information, please see the Owner’s Guide.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused inconsistent lane centering when Highway Assist was active.

2023.06.00, 2023.06.02

  • Driver+ Improvements:
    • Increased the Highway Assist hands-off warning time period from 10 to 20 seconds for your convenience.
    • Your vehicle now notifies you that rear Park Assist warnings aren’t available while the Rear accessory setting is enabled.
    • Reduce the time window from 2 seconds to 1 second to engage Highway Assist when you push the drive stalk twice. This enhances usability when you initiate Adaptive Cruise Control with the first push of the drive stalk, accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed, and then push the drive stalk again to set the higher speed.

2023.02.00, 2023.02.03

  • Addressed certain cases where Highway Assist was unavailable due to errors related to Global Navigation Satellite System corrections.

2022.47.00, 2022.47.02

  • Highway Assist improvement to more easily override automatic steering when you want to take over.
  • Addressed a rare issue when Highway Assist disengaged during heavy traffic conditions with low visibility of lane markings.
  • Improved Highway Assist availability on banked roads.


  • Improved the logic to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary Highway Assist driver takeover requests in response to short tunnels or overpasses
  • Improved ability to engage Adaptive Cruise Control when Highway Assist is unavailable
  • Decreased Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist disengagements due to low traction situations

2022.39.01, 2022.39.03

  • For your privacy, the driver monitoring camera is turned off when Highway Assist isn’t engaged.
  • Better Adaptive Cruise Control in-lane and Highway Assist lane centering during highway driving.
  • A chime that indicates Highway Assist isn’t available is now louder so it’s easier to hear.
  • A new chime indicates immediate cancellation of Highway Assist.
  • An increased delay before the vehicle shifts to Reverse or Neutral after Highway Assist or Adaptive Cruise Control ends. This prevents unintended shifts.


  • Your Driver+ settings for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) / Highway Assist (HWA) distance, Forward Collision Warning Proximity settings, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Sport Warning, Park Assist Audio Warnings, and Rear Cross-Traffic Warning will now persist across software updates and drive cycles.
  • Improved Highway Assist (HWA) lane centering
  • Fixed an occasional issue where Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) was not available after a Highway Assist (HWA) disengagement


  • Made various improvements to Adaptive Cruise Control and lane centering for Highway Assist.
  • Improved notifications in case Highway Assist is unavailable.


  • Improvements to Highway Assist lane centering control
  • Improved information notification display to let the user know that they should center the vehicle in the lane more before Highway Assist can be engaged.


  • Improved Highway Assist availability logic after a highway interchange, and improved notification consistency when approaching highway junctions
  • Enabled smoother acceleration and deceleration performance in Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist when you press the accelerator pedal
  • Made multiple improvements to lane centering control for Highway Assist


  • Added visual and audible notification to the drive to place hands on wheel in cases where Highway Assist lane catering control performance may be limited
  • Improved Highway Assist availability logic after a highway interchange, and improved notification consistency when approaching highway junctions


  • Improved Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Highway Assist performance


  • Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist


  • Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist


  • Improved Highway Assist performance, availability, and notifications


  • Improved Highway Assist performance