Gear Guard

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Gear Guard was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


Improved range loss by more than 25% during sleep when the vehicle is home and Gear Guard is set to Off at Home, or when Gear Guard is disabled.


You can now preview your list of recorded incidents while driving. Note that for safety, the feature still doesn’t allow playing them while driving.

Fixed a rare issue for the Gear Guard animation so that it deactivates when it detects a person in the vehicle.


Fixed issues within the user interface for Drive Cam to improve usability. Also addressed issues so you can switch between views and select a notification without having to restart the Gear Guard app.


New Gear Guard App With Drive Cam

The new Gear Guard app with Drive Cam allows you to:

Record a 360-degree view of your entire drive with the onboard surround view and Gear Guard cameras.

Manually record a 2-minute Drive Clips when you choose the record icon in the display or when you honk the horn for more than half a second.

View 2-minute recordings that are automatically saved to internal storage during incidents such as hard braking or a collision. These clips include an additional 15 seconds of pre-incident footage.

Browse Drive Clips, Incidents, and Motion Cam events in the app.

Motion Cam, the former Gear Guard camera function, records motion and alarm events and saves them to internal storage while you are away from your vehicle.


Fixed a rare issue with Gear Guard videos not being properly saved to USB external storage drives.


Reduced the number of extraneous videos by up to 30% by improving the accuracy of the Gear Guard video algorithms and handling stationary objects, such as a mailbox, traffic cones, signboard, fences, and adverse weather, such as rain and snow

Gear Guard video recordings will include footage recorded from all cameras before the triggering event was detected.


When Gear Guard video is disabled, overnight range loss can be reduced by up to 20%


Fixed an issue in which the Gear Guard app didn’t load correctly during fast app switching

Fixed an issue with Gear Guard didn’t appear in the foreground after an alarm event


When you view an event in the Gear Guard app, the first video that plays is the one whose camera first detected motion. The app displays a vehicle image showing the different camera views available via thumbnails. Select a thumbnail and the video automatically plays in the video player. Choose Gear Guard from the menu on the center display and then choose an event to view.

We’ve also improved the user experience as follows:

We’ve reduced the number of extraneous videos by up to 50% by improving the accuracy of Gear Guard video algorithms and the handling of stationary objects, such as poles and trees.

When you enter the vehicle, the Gear Guard app now appears on the center display only if the alarm was triggered.

If the Gear Guard app detects motion and then records videos, the notifications appear in the notification panel on the center display.

We’ve resolved rare cases in which the Gear Guard app didn’t record videos.


Camp courtesy: You can turn off exterior lights, vehicle sounds, proximity locking or unlocking, and the Gear Guard alarm sound. This also enables quiet cooling or heating.

Displays now can’t be accessed if the Gear Guard alarm is triggered.


Reduced the number of redundant Gear Guard videos captured

Added Gear Guard Video functionality to automatically delete videos after 10 days

Addressed issues with loss of Gear Guard videos post OTA update and instability of the “motion detection” tab


Improved Gear Guard detection in low light and snow conditions

Improved Gear Guard activation at Home


Added the capability of the Gear Guard app


The Videos app is now named the Gear Guard app and uses a new icon. While the vehicle is parked, you can access the Gear Guard video by choosing Gear Guard from the menu on the center display. This release also includes multiple improvements for the accuracy of Gear Guard motion detection.