Enabling Push Notifications

RivianTrackr now allows you to enable push notifications to your favorite devices. This will allow you to get a direct notification when a new Over-the-Air update is released or other important Rivian software-related things.

iOS and iPadOS

Push notifications on iOS and iPadOS require you to have at least iOS 16.4 or iPadOS 16.4 installed.

  1. While viewing the RivianTrackr website, tap the Share button in the menu bar.
  2. Scroll down the list of options, then tap Add to Home Screen.
  3. RivnTrackr will now be added to your Home Screen, click it to launch it.
  4. You’ll be prompted with a message to allow Notifications, click Allow.

Users just need to visit RivianTrackr on their favorite web browser and they’ll be prompted for push notifications.

Web Browser

Users just need to visit RivianTrackr on their favorite browser and they will be prompted to allow push notifications (if your browser supports it). You’ll get push notifications sent directly to your computer.

Here’s a list of supported browsers:

  • Chrome 50+ (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • Firefox 47+ (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • Safari 10+ (macOS)
  • Safari 16.4+ (iOS, iPadOS)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • Opera (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • Samsung Internet Browser (Android)
  • Yandex (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • UC Browser (Windows, Android)
  • Brave (Windows, macOS, Android)