This page shows every update released by Rivian where Climate was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.

2023.10.00, 2023.10.01

  • New Third Row Fan Controls (R1S Only)
    • The second- and third-row seats now have separate controls for your convenince. For access, choose the temperature with the Fan icon on the center display. Then choose Middle to access the second-row climate controls, or choose Back to access the third-row fan controls.

2022.39.01, 2022.39.03

  • Turning off rear climate also turns off airflow to the rear vents.


  • With the Rivian mobile app 1.7, you will be to use the mobile app to adjust the remote cabin preconditioning temperature. This allows you to select the desired cabin temperature for when you return to your vehicle.
  • Passenger-side cabin comfort settings now synchronizes to driver’s settings when a passenger is not present


  • Reduced noise from cabin climate upon vehicle startup.


  • Fixed occasional issues with loss of calibration of climate vents

2022.23.03, 2022.23.05

  • Added control of the windshield vent on the climate panel
  • Improved cooling and air conditioning response when you enter a vehicle with a hot cabin


  • User can customized their vent and recirculation settings while climate control is in Auto mode


  • Improved AUTO climate control response when frequently re-entering vehicle


  • Improved passenger detection so climate, media, and other features stay active while the driver is away, and rear passengers remain in the vehicle
  • Improved defrost heating and air circulation
  • Improved Auto behavior for climate controls


  • Enhanced climate performance for increased cabin comfort


  • Improved climate and defrost performance