Car Wash Mode

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Car Wash Mode was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.

How to Enable Car Wash Mode
To put your Rivian vehicle into Car Wash Mode, choose Vehicle > Access and security > Click the Car Wash button on the lower right corner.


Improved Car Wash mode functionality: If the charge port door is open, the vehicle automatically closes it when you turn on Car Wash mode.


The charge port door now closes when Car Wash mode is activated.


When Car Wash mode is enabled and the vehicle is not in neutral, a “Shift to Neutral” button appears to allow for easier neutral access when moving forward in a drive-through car wash. Press the brake pedal to allow the shift to Neutral.


Updated Car Wash mode to retract door handles, disable proximity locking and enhance support of belt conveyor systems.

You can now exit the vehicle while it’s in Neutral. The vehicle stays Neutral and won’t automatically lock the doors.


Car Wash mode closes the windows, locks the charge port door, and pauses other functions while you wash your car. To use Car Wash mode, choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display.