This page shows every update released by Rivian where Bluetooth was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


Fixed a Bluetooth issue that caused the vehicle to attempt to connect to a paired phone during a software update.


Added a control to allow you to disconnect your smartphone from Bluetooth.

Fixed a rare issue in which Bluetooth audio or the Phone app disconnected after you updated or restarted the software.


Fixed an occasional issue in the Bluetooth media application where the fly-out would show incorrect album art.


Fixed an issue: Previously, if you listened to a non-Bluetooth media source, started a Zoom call, and then switched to Bluetooth media or the Phone app on the center display, your phone may have lost audio and the microphone for the Zoom call.


Fixed an intermittent issue where music wouldn’t autoplay on Bluetooth media after certain phones were connected.

Fixed an intermittent issue where Bluetooth media player cover art was still visible on the center display after a phone is disconnected.

Fixed a rare issue where Bluetooth audio phone calls were distorted.

Added a notification in the center display when you try to connect a device to Bluetooth with the vehicle in a gear other than Park (Park is required).


Fixed an occasional issue where the Bluetooth media player showed the incorrect play/pause state.


Fixed a rare issue when the Bluetooth media wasn’t displayed properly if you quickly switched between media sources.

Bluetooth audio is now transferred from your phone to the vehicle only when you open either of the front doors.

Fixed a rare issue when the paired phone didn’t appear in the Bluetooth panel.


Improved Bluetooth pairing for some Android phones


Improved connection stability of paired Bluetooth devices


Fixed a rare occurrence when Bluetooth audio would not be available until the next drive


Improved stability of Bluetooth connections


Improved Bluetooth hands-free audio stability


We improved the stability of the Bluetooth connection and enhanced the audio performance.