Amazon Alexa

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Amazon Alexa was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


Added commands so you can turn the third-row vents on or off and control their fan speed. For example, you can say, “Alexa, turn on the third-row vents,” or “Alexa, set the third-row fan to maximum.”

Fixed a rare issue in which Alexa acknowledged but didn’t play a requested Amazon Music Podcast.

Fixed a rare issue in which Alexa didn’t respond after you asked Alexa to perform a car control command when you weren’t logged into Alexa and you changed the units of measurement for the temperature settings.


Fixed an issue in which Alexa voice control for Alexa media providers didn’t work after a phone call.

Fixed an issue in which Alexa wouldn’t activate if the driver’s vehicle door was open or ajar.


Added a new Alexa icon and interface that lets you see what’s playing from Alexa in the media application.

Increased the stability and availability of Alexa services, particularly in low connectivity areas.

Changed the Alexa active icon color in the top notification bar from blue to grey.

Alexa no longer supports timers, alarms, and reminders.


Fixed an occasional issue: Alexa occasionally didn’t play music even when Alexa responded and confirmed the command to play music.


You can now set different volume levels for various audio sources, including voice navigation, phone calls, media, and Alexa. Choose Volume at the bottom right of the center display.


Alexa can now be canceled mid-command; say “Alexa, stop” or tap the blue activity bar at any time to immediately end your interaction with Alexa

Addressed occasional Alexa internet connectivity and echo cancellation issues


Fixed an occasional issue: Alexa doesn’t wake up or respond to voice commands.


Fixed an issue when media audio pauses upon waking Alexa

Fixed an occasional issue when Alexa would not be able to connect to the internet


Addressed issues with Alexa responsiveness and wake sensitivity

Fixed a rare issue when the Navigation app would reboot when using Alexa to find directions