Adaptive Cruise Control

This page shows every update released by Rivian where Adaptive Cruise Control was featured or mentioned. The latest update is shown first.


In Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Highway Assist (HWA), you can now select from the following Set Speed preferences:

Speed Limit: Sets the speed to the detected speed limit for the road (new default).

Current Speed: Sets the speed to the current vehicle speed at the time of engagement.


Added a chime that sounds when Adaptive Cruise Control disengages.

Fixed a rare issue in which the driver display indicated that Adaptive Cruise Control was active when it actually wasn’t.


Addressed a rare issue in which canceling Adaptive Cruise Control at very low speeds by holding up the driver stalk could shift the vehicle into Reverse.


Fixed an issue that incorrectly issued a hands-off warning after Adaptive Cruise Control engagement.


Lowered frequency of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist disengagements by reducing front camera sensitivity to certain environments and lighting conditions, such as driving towards the sun or in rain.


Fixed an issue where an erroneous notification was shown when attempting to use Adaptive Cruise Control while stability control was disabled in vehicle settings.


Reduce the time window from 2 seconds to 1 second to engage Highway Assist when you push the drive stalk twice. This enhances usability when you initiate Adaptive Cruise Control with the first push of the drive stalk, accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed, and then push the drive stalk again to set the higher speed.


Improved ability to engage Adaptive Cruise Control when Highway Assist is unavailable

Decreased Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist disengagements due to low traction situations


Better Adaptive Cruise Control in-lane and Highway Assist lane centering during highway driving.

An increased delay before the vehicle shifts to Reverse or Neutral after Highway Assist or Adaptive Cruise Control ends. This prevents unintended shifts.


Your Driver+ settings for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) / Highway Assist (HWA) distance, Forward Collision Warning Proximity settings, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Sport Warning, Park Assist Audio Warnings, and Rear Cross-Traffic Warning will now persist across software updates and drive cycles.

Fixed an occasional issue where Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) was not available after a Highway Assist (HWA) disengagement


Made various improvements to Adaptive Cruise Control and lane centering for Highway Assist.


Enabled smoother acceleration and deceleration performance in Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist when you press the accelerator pedal


Improved Adaptive Cruise Control behavior when engaging and disengaging features for smoother speed transitions


Improved Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Highway Assist performance


Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist


Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist


Improved Adaptive Cruise Control performance and availability