New Gear Guard App with Drive Cam (DashCam), New Charge Limit Slider, Name Your Vehicle, Driver+, Cabin Comfort, Mobile App, and Media Improvements + Bug Fixes

Check out these new features, improvements, and bug fixes found in Rivian Update 2023.14.00 (Internal Release)

New Gear Guard App With Drive Cam

The new Gear Guard app with Drive Cam allows you to:

  • Record a 360-degree view of your entire drive with the onboard surround view and Gear Guard cameras.
  • Manually record a 2-minute Drive Clips when you choose the record icon in the display or when you honk the horn for more than half a second.
  • View 2-minute recordings that are automatically saved to internal storage during incidents such as hard braking or a collision. These clips include an additional 15 seconds of pre-incident footage.
  • Browse Drive Clips, Incidents, and Motion Cam events in the app.

Motion Cam, the former Gear Guard camera function, records motion and alarm events and saves them to internal storage while you are away from your vehicle.


  • The Drive Cam feature requires an external USB storage of at least 128 GB. We recommend devices that are rated for USB 3+ and are compatible with USB 2.
  • You can review your entire drive recording by plugging the USB device into a PC or Mac.
New Charge Limit Slider

You can now adjust vehicle charge limit in 1% increments between 50% and 100% (Custom) by dragging the slider on the battery image in either the center display or in the Rivian mobile app version 1.13 or later.

Additional Improvements
  • Moved information about your Rivian vehicle, such as odometer and Trip A and Trip B computer, to Settings. Go to Settings > About.
  • Improved range estimation at vehicle startup of energy used during sleep.
  • You can now customize your vehicle name by going to Settings > About in the center display or in the Rivian mobile app 1.13 or later.
  • Added an option to extend your vehicle power outlet use from 24 hours to up to 3 days while the vehicle is parked.

Note: Outlets turn off automatically when the vehicle reaches a low range of approximately 30 miles (48 km).

  • Driver+ Improvements
    • Lowered frequency of Adaptive Cruse Control and Highway Assist disengagements by reducing front camera sensitivity to certain environment and lighting conditions, such as driving towards the sun or in rain.
    • Smoother lane centering performance on curvy roads while Highway Assist is engaged.
    • Smoother Lane Keeping Assist intervention.
  • Cabin Comfort Improvements
    • Improved cabin heating by limiting fan speed during initial warm-up phase to prevent cold air from blowing on passenger.
    • Removed fan level 0 to prevent accidental turn-off of the air conditioning when reducing fan speed.
  • Mobile App Integration Improvements
    • Added a Service mode status in the mobile app 1.13 or later that appears when service personnel actively work on your vehicle in the Rivian Service Center.
    • Resolved an intermittent issue that prevented turning on the seat heater from the mobile app.
  • Media Improvements
    • Added the ability to enable or disable fine location in TuneIn, and disabled it by default.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where music wouldn’t autoplay on Bluetooth media after certain phones were connected.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spotify logo would not appear after login to the application.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where Bluetooth media player cover art was still visible on the center display after a phone is disconnected.
    • Fixed a rare issue where Bluetooth audio phone calls were distorted.
    • Added a notification in the center display when you try to connect a device to Bluetooth with the vehicle in a gear other than Park (Park is required).
  • The charge port door now closes when Car Wash mode is activated.
  • Added a new security feature that sounds an error chime if you actively try to lock your vehicle with the cabin doors, front trunk, or Gear Tunnel still open.
  • Improved efficiency by turning off a seat’s heating or ventilation when the driver or a passenger exits the seat, and resuming heating or ventilation when someone returns to the seat.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the yellow 12 V state of health battery indicator wouldn’t appear.
  • Improved phone battery life consumption when set up as a key and when the user is near the vehicle.

If you have questions about installing a new update on your Rivian vehicle, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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