New Garage Door Opener, New Exterior Lights Settings, New Automatic High Beams, and Additional Improvements
New Garage Door Opener

You can now control a garage door. To add a new garage, use one of the following methods:

  1. In the vehicle center display, choose the Garage Door button in the status bar at the top of the screen, then choose Add a Garage.
  2. Choose the Settings button from the menu on the center display. Choose Connect and then choose Garages.
New Exterior Lights Settings

You can now control certain exterior lights, including the light bars and charge port lights when the vehicle is charging. Choose Settings from the menu on the center display. Choose Vehicle and then choose Exterior Lights.

New Automatic High Beams

To use Automatic High Beams, choose Settings from the menu on the center display. Choose Vehicle and then choose Driver+. Turn on Automatic High Beams and then push the lights stalk away from you.

Additional Improvements
  • Improved sleep performance and consistency to reduce range loss while the vehicle is in an idle state
  • Improved accelerator pedal response when transitioning between drive modes
  • Improved automatic leveling behavior on uneven terrain
  • Improved regenerative braking performance after DC fast charging sessions
  • Introduced new “Show and Tell” mode to keep exterior lights and screens ON while the vehicle is in Park. This mode is deactivated in a drive or less than 30 miles of range.
  • Added functionality to the tonneau cover button to enable manual control
    • Press and hold the tonneau cover button and then release the button to stop
  • The enrolled key band will now display in the driver keys list
  • Improved Bird’s Eye view stitching based on suspension ride height
  • Improved passive entry behavior near the front trunk and liftgate
  • Improved AUTO climate control response when frequently re-entering the vehicle
  • Reduced frequency of navigation reroute suggestions after the initial prompt
  • Addressed inaccurate range displayed in rare cases, after DC fast charging
  • Addressed rare cases of total audio loss
  • Addresses rare cases of false alarm activations
  • Improved Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Highway Assist performance
  • Enhanced stability of infotainment system

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