New Bird's Eye View, New Trip Data, Enhanced Owner's Guide, Rear Display Now Available, and Additional Improvements
New Bird’s Eye View

The bird’s eye view is available to increase visibility around the vehicle when you back up the vehicle or access it from the Cameras app: choose Cameras from the menu on the center display.

New Trip Data

You can track distance, speed, duration, efficiency, and energy for two trips. Choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display, and then choose About My Rivian.

Enhanced Owner’s Guide

We’ve improved the usability of the Owner’s Guide. Choose More and then Owner’s Guide from the menu on the center display.

Rear Display Now Available

To unlock the rear display, choose Vehicle from the menu on the center display, and then choose Lighting and Displays.

Additional Improvements

This software release includes the following:

  • Improved automatic locking and unlocking of vehicle, including quicker deployment of door handles and a better user experience when approaching the vehicle from the front or rear
  • Increased driving comfort during highway drives and enabled a smoother response to accelerator pedal changes for a better driving experience in on-road drive modes
  • Reduced pedal travel is required during hill climbs for a better driving experience in off-road drive modes
  • Improved Vehicle Hold performance on very steep inclines
  • Improved performance of Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Assist
  • Added the ability to reset vehicle settings in the Drive Modes app
  • Enhanced the power gauge on the drive display
  • Enhanced driver display user interface in Towing mode
  • Improved responsiveness and stability of the infotainment system
  • Improved performance and stability of the Navigation app
  • Added vent control animation for a more intuitive user experience
  • Added the capability of the Gear Guard app
  • Improved stability of Bluetooth connections
  • Improved audio availability for a better listening experience

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