New Set Speed Option For Highway Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, Improved Handling and Ride Comfort, New Phone Call Features, New Drive Mode Option In The Rivian Mobile App Trip Planner, New Screen Clean Feature, and Additional Improvements


One-Touch Garage Door Opener, Nav Enhancements, Text Address Sharing From Phone To Vehicle, EVgo Autocharge+ Support, and Additional Improvements


Customize Your App Launcher, Add Up To Four Phone Keys, Improved Range Estimate After Sleep or Idling, AC Charging Bug Fix, Improved Lane Centering, UI Fixes, and Additional Improvements


This update includes a hotfix and may not have been released to all drivers. All features included are identical to 2023.22.00


ABRP Trip Planning Phase 1, Improved Highway Assist no longer shuts off during overhead toll stations, Driver Seat and Steering Wheel Calibration, Phone Screen Improvements, Alexa Improvements, and Bugfixes


Scheduled Charging in Mobile App, Open Gear Tunnel Doors with App, Addressed Launch Performance and Additional Improvements